Dana Scully's Bad Behavior

Fox Mulder
Walter Skinner
Lone Gun Men
Scully's Family

"Well I'm armed so I'll take my chances".  - Scully in The Host

A Bitter Taste on the Tongue
By Jane Morrimer
Summary: A punishment
This story is archived at Fox Mulder as a bad guy. You read and you will understand why both of them can be so bad.

Bars on the windows
By Gemma Kingsley
Summary: On the wrong side of the law, Mulder and Scully must prove their innocence while racing against time  and the people who want them out of the way for good.

By Amperage
Summary: Part One: The result of Mulder's deal with the shadow conspiracy for a cure for Scully's cancer. Part Two: the effects of Scully's cancer on her mental equilibrium.

By Laura Anne Gilman
Summary: The title says all.

Betrayal in the garden
By J. Ackerson
Summary Part I: A "what if"/alternate story line ending for the fourth season finale - Scully wakes up disoriented next to a 'body'.
Part II: Continuation of a "what if"/alternate story line ending for the fourth season finale.
Part III: Romantic continuation of a "what if"/alternate story line ending for the fourth season finale

Beyond the pale
Dawn McGlothin
Summary: The Syndicate have a plan to destroy Mulder by using against him what he holds most valuable--Scully. Just before "The End"; language, violence, some ActionScully, and double helpings of Mulderangst.

By Megan Reilly
Summary: What had happened after the Colonization with Mulder and Scully?

Daemonium- The Possession
By Kinados
Summary: Scully must to deal with a real demon.

By Dawson E. Rambo
Summary:  Basically, it turns out that Mulder is right to be paranoid: EVERYONE is out to get him. In this story, Scully admits that she had been sent to spy on him, and all her alleged allegencies were nothing but tradecraft designed to win his trust. How Mulder reacts is the point of this story.

By Rebecca Rusnak
Summary: Posing as a married couple for an undercover assignment holds more than one kind of danger for Mulder and Scully.
Part 2 Summary: While attempting to discover what has infected Scully, and old 'friend' re-appears. Features Deep Throat and The Cigarette Smoking Man.
Part 3 Summary: Scully is on the run, and Mulder must find her before anyone else does.

By RivkaT
Summary: After the first scene. It's not what you think. At least, I hope not.

By Jessica Taylor
Summary: Krycek kidnapps Scully and they have problems with their feelings.
Classification: Scully/Krycek UST - Mulder/Scully UST

By Kelly Gallo
Summary: This is a *definitely* R-rated story.  There's a lot of cursing and violence.  No graphic sex REALLY, but there *is* a pretty disturbing  rape scene (I don't describe it) that is not suitable for younger readers.

Preponderance - Book I
By Alanna Rabun
Summary: Guilt is painted in shades of grey.  When Scully is involved in a serious crime, how will Mulder react?
Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4 | Part 5

Preponderance - Book II
By Alanna Rabun
Summary: Scully and Mulder return to Maryland to face the legal ramifications of what she has done.  This is a continuation of Preponderance I.
Part 2 | Part 3

Return, A
By Kylie Loxton
Summary: No summary. It`s a vignette. Hint: The Calusari

Selling your soul
By Kate Dyer
Summary: Scully makes a deal to save the X-Files and Agent Diana Fowley.  Can she live with herself having sold her soul to the Consortium?

Selling your soul II - Giving your word
By Kate Dyer
Summary: After making a deal to save the X-Files, Scully must live with the consequences.  This is a sequel to the story Selling Your Soul, which I recommend you read before reading this.

The Truth in the Lie
By Louise Valmoria
Summary: Scully has betrayed Mulder in the worst way possible. Could things really be the way they seem?

Theater of the Absurd
By Anna Otto and Ashlea Ensro
Summary: As Skinner searches for long-lost friends, he becomes a  target in a game of cat-and-mouse. Sometimes, what's lost is best not found. Or, how can we make Mulder and Scully blissfully happy?

Theater of the Absurd II
By Anna Otto and Ashlea Ensro
Summary: Will Paul and Kathy transform into Mulder and Scully? Will Margaret Scully be happy to have her daughter back? Will Skinner be relieved that the X-Files department is back in full swing? Well, let's find out, shall we?
Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4 | Part 5 | Part 6

Think twice
By Red Tyger
Summary: We've seen Mulder drugged and acting strange. This time Scully is the one who's been drugged. Her actions threaten to tear apart her relationship with Mulder and the X-Files.

Third Time's the Charm
By Lag
Summary: A desperate choice.

Through His Many Gabled Gardens
By Brinson
Summary: In a desperate attempt to find a cure, Scully approaches the Cigarette Smoking Man in his unusual garden.

By Kate Dyer
Summary: Scully continues having visions of Emily, and she is arrested for murder.  While she considers the forces of good and evil, Mulder considers the evil of the Consortium.

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